March 5th, 2011
July 23rd, 2010

Other Ways About Family.

Maybe i’m not really good at this, but trust me. I can throught this out with all my self and by myself. I’m trying to be just me. Only me.. Here no one.

Estimate, or not. I only knew that the biggest part of my life is you.
You. Didn’t matter what wrong or true is. Just pointing at you. AT YOU.
And nobody wonder, that everybody would be so this envy if i could reach you. IF.

Sometimes, i knew that the closest thing in my life was falling apart. And i don’t where the rest of aparts were fallen. And it doesn’t really matter to me now. NOW.

And someday, you would know that i love you. All of you. I love everything besides you. Next to you. Something that i can’t bear.
Bear with myself doesn’t get strong enough to hide this.
The only way you guys are, will be the most curioust.

I was trying to cast my fears aside, push my pain away.
But it’s unable to stay, unwilling to forget. It’s really hard to cast my mind away.
Maybe we should go, somewhere. Out there.
Somewhere that we thought better. And would be much better than now.

So does till this writes, i always knew you. Loves you like usual.

No one can bear. 

June 18th, 2010

What Do I Think About Father.

Anyone must be unstrange when they stop talking about it.
Yes, who hasn’t ever heard about this word? Just a simple six words.

Have you got a family? I’ve got my own family and i loves them!
They are….Great! Superfantastic. They’re my hero.
What else could i ever be if i haven’t have them as huge part of my life?
Sure, they’re so meant to be me.

Dad, mom, sister, brother, grandma. Oh such a lovely people.
You may knew these, they are god-blessed, don’t you ever try to create the bad situation.
If your dad were so far from you, remember this! Your daddy love you and NO MATTER WHAT!
Who else could avoid this?
Everyone loves their dad as their family and their own life. It could be one of their precious, valuable, and definied to their life. Dad is the most important and prideness to your life.


Though your dad didn’t know that you loves him. If you keeps straight the line and not draw one, he always loves you.
Love your dad. Forget about the others that you think is forgery. They’re lame. NOTE THAT!

Father is a family of yours.
Father is a godblessed that god had given to our precious life.
Father is our friend.
Father is our BESTfriend.
Father is our MOM.
Father is our life.

The Boy and The Birds

  • One day there's a boy who lived in a long long way to homeland. As far as eye can see, he could see the lovely birds was flew after some food. And then, the boy saw the bird was lose their mom. There's a four little birds with upside-down on treehouse. And the boy fed them.
  • As bird could witness, they say:
  • Bird: What are you doing, boy?
  • The boy: I am trying to feed you all.
  • Bird: Why would you do that?
  • The boy: Because i know you'll get hunger.
  • Bird: (Long in silence)
  • The boy: Spellbinding??
  • Bird: No, nobody ever feed me like this before.
  • The boy: Why?
  • Bird: (Silence stills) Are you god or something?
  • The boy: No, i'm just a boy. Simply stupid pathetic boy.
  • Bird: (Suddenly smiling and stood toughly on the branch and they turned into a beautiful gods)
  • The boy: (Witnessing so curiously)
  • Bird: We are gods. Your food are such a kind to us. Go back to your home, and i will give you much money than you have now.
  • The point is, don't give your kindness halful as satisfied as you could. But give'em all. If you want some more, why would you have to give ahalf? : )
June 17th, 2010

This song is one of Twilight Eclipse Original Motion Picture Soundtrack! And i just downloaded it yesterday, and play it with i’d like the most! Enjoy :)

Foto foto pas di Dufan! :)

When i was child, i used to give my smile to everyboy who i thought is good. But now, i’m used to give mine to people who i don’t know they are.
Life is Amazing!

Glee At All

Has anyone heard about Glee yet? If you haven’t check them out!
They are much cool than High School Musical ones. They kind of piece of talented people who they were meant to be entertain us!


If you think that High School Musical is sick and thought they are insane (I guess this word unappropriate for these one) you may reverse your choose to this one.
And everyone was talking about it : GLEE!

Glee is one of my favourite comedy television serial show.
I’ve got my own dvd serial and i used to watch it when i having a lounge time.
High School Musical is never dies but you may think twice! That Glee is better. And the casts is more talented and fresh-looked!


They’re acted so well and you may listen to their soundtrack! It putted and has been already to downloaded by everyone!

Most of all from their songs, they remaked lots of popular songs.
Like, Pokerface’s Lady Gaga, Leona Lewis’s Over The Rainbow, and many more!
Let’s show your fans-signment about Glee and watch the miracle that will happen soon :)


June 5th, 2010
Love is a riddle and life is a maze.
Lenka - The Show

Hey! Check out my newest pictures while i was having a picnic at Villa Ratana, Cisarua, Bogor. These places were amazing! And i just can’t stop saying adorably words by this. Love’em!!